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Training on Agricultural Mechanisation for Fiji

Non-Aligned Movement Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation and Government of Indonesia Dispatched Experts on Agriculture to Fiji

Following the previous success in dispatching experts to Myanmar, NAM CSSTC and Government of Indonesia have successfully dispatched experts on agriculture to Fiji for a month. The programme has been held on 29th April 2019 to 24th May 2019 which include Demonstration Farm (Demfarm), agriculture and mechanisation. It was held in two venues namely Koronovia Research Station in Nausori and Sigatoka Research Station in Sigatoka. The programme was intended to promote international agriculture cooperation, particularly in further improving agricultural productivity and attaining food security in Fiji. The agriculture experts from Indonesia, Dr. Astu Unadi and Djoko Sumianto, are profound agriculture experts at Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia and have been handling numerous agriculture projects.

NAM CSSTC representatives were also attending the first week of programme to conduct an observation.

The programme was attended by numerous Fijian agriculture researchers and extention officers focusing mainly on agricultural mechanisation to further support grant of hand tractors by Government of Indonesia.

NAM CSSTC intends to establish reciprocal and sustainable cooperation with Non-aligned Movement member countries particularly in capacity building.

3rd - 4th September, 2019  
International Seminar on Sago 2019: Prospect and Opportunity of Sago

30-31 October 2019  
THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONFERENCE ASTECHNOVA 2019 “Energy Innovations and Sustainable Environment”




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