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International Energy Conference ASTECHNOVA Scheduled to Take Place in October 2019 in Yogyakarta

Non-Aligned Movement Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC) and Faculty of Engineering-Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) will organise International Energy Conference ASTECHNOVA. The Conference will be held on 30 – 31 October 2019 (available on the Conference website: http://astechnova.ugm.ac.id).

“My profound gratitude goes to UGM as initiator of ASTECHNOVA for the fifth consecutive time. I hope cooperation between NAM CSSTC and UGM will continue to march towards achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” Director for NAM CSSTC, Ambassador Ronny Prasetyo Yuliantoro said to officials of Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics-UGM on Friday (2/1) on the occasion of the meeting to promote the implementation of ASTECHNOVA.

The Director said, ASTECHNOVA could further strengthen South-South Cooperation, by introducing technologies, for example converting agricultural crops into New and Renewable Energy.

ASTECHNOVA will be attended by relevant governmental officers, academics and professionals from numerous Non-Aligned countries. For Paper Presenters, 10 selected papers will be published in the AIP Conference Proceedings indexed by Scopus.

ASTECHNOVA serves as potential means to implement Outcome of “18th Mid-Term Ministerial Conference of the NAM” in 2018 in Baku, Azerbaijan, regarding full realisation of SDGs, particularly affordable and clean energy, as captured in SDG7. Since its establishment in 2014, ASTECHNOVA has been attended by participants from China, Cuba, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, South Africa, United States, Viet Nam and Venezuela.


3rd - 4th September, 2019  
International Seminar on Sago 2019: Prospect and Opportunity of Sago

30-31 October 2019  
THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONFERENCE ASTECHNOVA 2019 “Energy Innovations and Sustainable Environment”




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